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The charming town of Lucca is often times overlooked by tourists, overshadowed by the draws of the more traditional tourists stops of nearby Pisa and Florence.  It’s strategic position just off the beaten track has helped to maintain the character and authenticity of this ancient city.  Lucca is one of the few remaining towns to boast city walls that are entirely intact.  As the town grew beyond the walls and they were no longer needed to provide protection against attack, the walls underwent a transformation, becoming a city park.  

The treelined promenade that encircles the city on top of the walls is frequented by walkers, runners, and cyclists alike.  Inside the walls, the historic center of Lucca is known by Italians for it’s fashion and great shopping.  Much of the center is closed to traffic, allowing pedestrians to take over the main shopping district.  

From a bike ride on the walls, to shopping in the center, and exploring churches, Lucca has something truly special to offer each and every visitor.