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Wine Tours

Indulge in the wine and scenery which has become synonymous with Tuscany.

 We customize the day to your interests and make all the arrangements.

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Lucca Wine Region

Tucked away in the hills of Lucca, local wine makers produce some of the best and most prestigious Tuscan wines.  From vineyards that boast spectacular views of the rolling hills, you can sample a variety of locally produced wines.  Many vineyards also produce their own olive oil, which pairs beautifully with the regional cheeses and dishes.  

Stop by a winery for a quick taste or stay and enjoy a delicious meal paired with a variety of wines.  The quaint town of Montecarlo, nestled higher on a hill overlooking the various vineyards, offers visitors a taste of true Tuscany.  Narrow cobble stone streets and charming churches are sure to please any visitor.  Montecarlo offers Tuscan wines only a stone’s throw from Lucca.  

It is easier than ever to spend a memorable afternoon or evening among the Tuscan grapes that have captivated the world.

Chianti Wines

The tradition of wine making in the Chianti region is as rich and complex as the wines themselves.  Chianti Classico wines showcase hundreds of years of winemaking tradition in the region while Super Tuscans highlight newer blends and trends. Just the right combination of climate, soil and sun has brought Chianti wine international recognition but every bottle still has the echoes of the laborers who have been tending the fields for thousands of years.  

The rolling hills that allow the grapes to flourish provide the perfect backdrop for a day spent among the vineyards.


Lucca wine region.jpg

Tuscan Coastal Wineries

Break away to the Tuscan coast and indulge in the wide range of Tuscan wines. Taste the fullness and flavor of the sweet Mediterranean breeze in a glass of Bolgheri, Sassicaia or another one of Tuscany's world class coastal wines.  Visit an enoteca featuring Cinque Terre's "heroic wines" which are grown and hand picked on the steep cliffs along the coast.   

From internationally acclaimed wineries that export their products around the world to small, family run vineyards that sell to the local restaurant, there is something for everyone along the gorgeous Tuscan Coast.