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Frequently Asked Question

Answers to your most frequently asked questions.

How does Tuscan Drivers work?

Tuscan Drivers is a small, family run business that provides transportation services in and around Tuscany. Let us know your travel dates, the area you will be visiting, and the size of your party and we will coordinate, reserve, negotiate, and confirm everything for you.  We can be easily reached while you are in Italy, to help resolve any unexpected changes to your itinerary.    

Are food and activities included in the price?

Tuscan Drivers only charges for the transportation.  You will pay for any entrance fees, food, wine tastings and other activities directly to each location.  You will be paying the actual cost of each activity since Tuscan Drivers does not accept commissions from any restaurant, winery or museum. 

What aspects of my trip can Tuscan Drivers help me with?

Tuscan Drivers can help arrange much more than simply your transportation needs.  We will help you find the perfect restaurant and even arrange wine tastings and tours.    


I am traveling with a very big (or small) group, is Tuscan Drivers right for me?

Tuscan Drivers can accommodate a single traveler up to a large group.  Our fleet consists of cars, mini-vans, and buses, offering the perfect solution for any group size.  

What about all of my luggage?

When choosing the perfect vehicle for you, we will take into consideration all of your needs, including luggage.  We are also able to accommodate bicycles.

What is included in my quote?

Your quote will include all estimated costs for transportation.  Your estimate takes into consideration mileage, time, tolls, and fees.  Many cities charge a fee for vehicles to enter into the center.  Your driver will be aware of these fees and will have all requested permissions ahead of time.  These fees are already included in your quote.  Your quote does not include any meals, tickets, or entrance fees into museums or monuments.   

How do I pay?

You will pay the driver directly at the time of service unless you have made prior arrangements.